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Little Girl and Grocery Store Worker Have the Sweetest Relationship

What a sweet pair.

Sometimes, it's tempting to do all your errands when the kids are at school or you can leave them at home or with a babysitter. After all, there's a pretty enormous difference between breezing through the store, grocery shopping on your own, and pushing a cart while holding on to your kid's hand and trying to remember all the things you need while your kid keeps putting things in your cart that you definitely don't. That said, it's worth taking your kids out into the world with you when you have things to do because that's how they learn the way the world works. Plus, they get to make connections of their own with people they wouldn't otherwise meet. Take the little girl in this video from @snowinginsaturn. She's so super excited to see her friend the grocer because she seems him all the time.


She's so excited to see him! It's so sweet. Not only does seeing this man make this little girl's day, but it's a pretty safe bet that seeing this little girl probably makes this man's day, too. Unfortunately, no matter how excited they are to see each other, grown-ups rarely display this level of affection upon greeting. But this story gets even better. Becauase it turns out that over the course of many shopping trips, the little girl and the man got to be even better friends, with viewers falling so in love with the pair that GoFundMe raised 10K for the man! Sometimes it really is the simple things in life that lead to the most special moments. Here's hoping these two have a long, happy friendship.