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Girl Gets Major Surprise When She Finds a "Gummy" Worm


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Playing outside with kids is so great, right? There's fresh air, they can exercise, they get a chance to get their hands dirty and discover all kinds of treasures...and maybe a few creepy crawlies. The adorable little girl in this video from @chichela5 is thrilled with what she found in the ground, and can't wait to show mom. What did she find A "gummy" worm, according to the little girl, but there's just one problem. Gummy worms don't generally live in the dirt, do they?


Oh no! Her mom clearly doesn't think she's going to eat it when she suggests exactly that, but the little girl is ready to go for it...until her mom says no and she takes a closer look. Is that gummy worm moving? Time to run crying back to dad! Poor little thing. Imagine being all ready to take a bite of a sweet, tangy gummy worm and realizing all of a sudden that you almost put a wriggly, slimy, actual worm in your little mouth! But commenters noticed something interesting. You might expect the little girl to drop the worm the second she realized it was real, but she doesn't.
"Funny how she runs to return it rather than tossing it," wrote one commenter.
"i would have let that go once I saw it move she ran with it lol" wrote another. 
And yet another commenter made a very good point with just two words: "Immune system." Indeed, this is why we let kids play with worms and dirt and why we (try not to) freak out when they almost put a worm in their mouths. It's all about building up that immune system, right? Still, that little girl has earned herself a real gummy worm with her bravery.