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Little Girl's Attempt at a Somersault Is Pure Genius

Hey, she did some kind of trick.

Watching little kids try to learn how to do anything athletic is pretty much guaranteed to be hilarious. They're still figuring out things like how to be move their bodies and how to follow instructions, so the odds are great that some sort of funny fail will take place. (Of course, it's only funny when nobody gets hurt.) One of the cutest pursuits for little ones to try? Gymnastics. There's lots of jumping, attempted balancing, and tricks that require a level of coordination beyond most small children. Take the classic somersault. Seems easy enough; basically you're rolling in a ball. But you do have to learn how to get the hang of it, and the little girl in this video from @samburn1122 is trying to do just that. But wait, how does it go again? Bend over in half and then...jump?


Well, she got sort of close? Okay, not really. But it is impressive that she managed to take those little cones down with her when she fell back. Whoops! It's a good thing those gymnastics studios are basically lined in foam. She'll get the hang of it eventually. Or...she won't. That's the thing about these classes and camps and courses we sign our kids up for...they sound interesting, either to our kids or to us, and because we want them to do *all* the activities, we try them out...but there's no guarantee that our kids are going to be particularly skilled or even all that into whatever the thing is. The key is to keep our expectations really low. The best we can hope for is that our kids enjoy their activities, and let go of any Olympic fantasies, at least for the time being.