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Little Girl Hates Cheese & Lets The Whole Grocery Store Know

She likes bananas, though.

You know when you've just had enough of grocery shopping? And  you're basically dragging yourself through the grocery store by force of sheer will, hating everything on your list and wanting to just get yourself a pint of ice cream so you can run away and eat it by yourself? 

That's the vibe the little girl has in this video from @charliegeter. She's clearly been walking through the grocery store for awhile because she's doing that dramatic overtired swagger little kids do when they don't want to walk anymore. She is not having a good time anymore, but the worst of it? She doesn't like cheese. She likes bananas!


It's not clear why the little girl feels the need to make her opinion on cheese vs. bananas known; perhaps her mom or dad suggested a package of string cheese or something and she was really offended because all she wants in life is a dang banana. Or maybe she hasn't figured out yet that she can like cheese AND bananas. Maybe she believes it to be an either/or thing. Most likely though, she's just overtired. 

Commenters were totally feeling her pain...
"I also like the pterodactyl screeches before her bold declarations."
"Reminds me of the time that my nephew announced that he “hates triangles” in the most serious tone I’ve ever heard him use"
"She said “don’t even take me in the cheese section.” Get my girl some bananas! She is pro potassium!"
"I imagine this is exactly what my stomach looks like because I am lactose intolerant"
"Toddler drama aisle 5."

Hey, she's entitled to her feelings on foods right now, even if they're likely to change after she's had a nap. Everybody doesn't like something when they've had it for the day.