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Little Girl Has Big Plans for Dad's Tower

Sorry, dad.

Little kids sure do love building stuff. Whether they're using blocks or tiles or some other construction-type toy, kids love building sprawling complexes and super high towers and then, of course, they love knocking them down.

The little girl in this video from @charliegeter looks to be having a fun time building a tower with her dad out of magnetic tiles. It's getting pretty tall! It's almost done, but dad just needs to run into the other room for a second and he'll be right back. The little girl will just sit and wait quietly, right?

Well. Not exactly. Though she was pretty patient...for awhile.


Whoops! You had to know that was coming. The only question is, how long was she plotting it? From when her dad started building the tower? Or did the idea just enter into her head when her dad left the room? It's impossible to say, but the important thing is that she had enough time to carry out her devious plan. 

Commenters loved this little girl's sneaky, sassy ways.
"the fact that she couldn’t just knock it down, no she needed to do it with pizazz"
"I love how discreet she was up until that engine started"
"LOOOOL to be fair she gave you a grace period before she knock them down"
"She was strategically waiting for dad to go"
"only one step closer to world domination"

Hey, if you're going to build a tower with a little kid, that tower's getting knocked down. No two ways about it. At least this girl  had a blast destroying this one!