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Little Girl Tells Mommy She Is NOT an Adult

And she is NOT a toddler.

It's tough for little ones to understand the different phases of growth and life. What seems like just big people and little people are actually a variety of creatures known as toddlers, kids, can get very confusing.

It can get so confusing, in fact, that some kids just flat-out refuse to understand at first. Like in this adorable video from @themcfam. "Trying to explain the adult/toddler dynamic to Eve," she wrote of the clip, featuring the mom and her daughter having a hilarious conversation. The mom is trying to convince her daughter that she's a toddler, in addition to being Evie. And she's trying to explain that she's an adult, in addition to being Mommy. But Evie? She is just not having it.


That look on her face is too, too ridiculously adorable. She's so incredulous! Mommy is just not a "dult." There's no way. And she's just Evie, thank you very much. Her mommy sure is talking a lot of nonsense. Is mommy feeling okay?

Commenters totally fell in love with Evie, from her expression to the way she pronounces her words. 
"The way she says adult.. I’m dying. She is the sweetest, smartest, most beautiful child. Love her."
"her face in the beginning really says 'i’m not even willing to hear you out'"
"Omg did she angrily referring to herself as First Name Middle Name Last Name!?"
"That’s the way I’m saying “adult” for the rest of my life"
"I can't decide what I love most - the facial expressions, the sassy tone, the sheer confusion, or the adorable toddler grammar."
"Good luck on that explanation. Just roll with it. HAHAHA"
"you can only be mommy or an adult you have to pick one"

This will just go down in history as one of the cutest interactions ever. Even if Evie never thinks Mommy is an actual adult.