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People Love This Girl’s Unique Middle Name But Are Surprised At Where Mom Came Up With It

Not your average baby name source...

A lot of effort goes into the process of finding the perfect name for a future baby. Some of us have been making lists of names we like since we were kids, and others have to really search to come up with a few to choose from. Inspiration can basically be found anywhere — from our favorite books to different colors to places and people we love. 

But as one mom shared on TikTok, when it came time to pick the middle name for her baby girl, she easily settled for naming her in memory of beloved family member she'd lost. And no, we're not talking about a parent or grandparent — she actually named her baby girl after their family's dog.


Her little girl's middle name is Luna, and as it turns out, her family's greyhound was also named Luna — and just so happened to have passed away while Mom was 20 weeks pregnant with her dog's future namesake.

"I love your daughter's middle name, is it a family name?" Mom writes over a picture of her daughter playing outside. "Yes," she adds, over a photo of the dog she lost.

We hope we're not the only ones out there tearing up about this! 

Pets are family, and losing them isn't easy. It's so sweet to hear that these parents found the perfect way to honor a dog who meant so much to them. Luna is a beautiful name.