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Watch Little Girl Swoon Over Her Own Reflection After She Catches a Glimpse of Herself in a Princess Costume

She’s thrilled to be a “little princess.”

There's nothing quite like a little girl's first princess dress. Whether it's a specific Disney princess or a more generic fairy princess or a medieval princess or any other little royal girl who wears a fancy outfit, that first princess dress is like a magical transformation. Looking into the mirror is like opening the door to an enchanted existence where you travel by flying pony and everything is sparkly and your closet is filled with dresses even fancier than this one. That's what makes this video from @ghollister so endearing. The toddler girl's face when she first sees herself in the princess dress (of the Disney variety, Frozen in particular) is just the most pure, priceless thing ever. That noise she makes! She's so absolutely delighted with herself. If kids could only continue to be that delighted with themselves when they look in the mirror!


It's just too sweet. The little dance! We should all be so happy with ourselves. People can put down the whole princess thing, but the fact is so many little ones love princess stuff so much. And if it makes them feel strong and confident in themselves, then that's awesome! Commenters were so inspired by this sweet baby:
"She's a pretty princess. I hope she keeps believing she's beautiful."
"She's like 'I don't know about Elsa but I look hella cute'"
"The fact that her first reaction is 'wooow' makes me know that’s what you say when she gets dressed every day. So much happiness here"
"It's so true that the right outfit can make you completely sure of yourself that you have to dance..."
Keep on dancing, little princess! There are so many sparkly dresses in your future.