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Helpful Kids Come to Little Girl's Rescue On Water Slides

So glad they were there!

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As parents, we come up with all kinds of ways to make our kids happy. Like when we take them to a place with indoor water slides where they can conceivably slip and slide all day. Of course, even when we do things particularly to make our kids happy, we might not take into account certain maybe your kid will get really freaked out at the top of the water slide and not be able to make it down on her own when you're at the bottom waiting. What to do in a situation like that? That's when you need a HBK to come into your life: A "Helpful Big Kid." That's the scene in this video from @aandt360memories: a little girl is not quite ready to ride down the water slide. But no comes a HBK!


What a great job she did! "She gotta be an older sister," said one commenter, while another said "No but these older girls are seriously a gift. They are always out here looking out for the babies." Yay for the older girls!! They seriously are a gift. It goes back to that whole "takes a village" thing. We think of other moms as our villages, but big kids can be part of our village, too. In fact, they should be. This way, everybody plays a role in raising the next generation. Especially in "fun" situations like this one. Some fun is just a bit too big for little kids and way too small for adults. Who can bridge the gap of fun? Only the Helpful Big Kid. If you don't know a Helpful Big Kid, seek them out. Especially if you're on vacation.