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Watching This Little Girl Figure Out She’s Becoming a Big Sister Is the Sweetest

She is just too precious

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Kids have all kinds of different reactions when they find out they're going to be an older sibling. Some cry (harsh, but true), some jump for joy, some shrug and go back to their video games. As an expecting parent, you just have to hope for the best when you break the news. Kind of like what happened to @cheltsey.smith when she used a "big sister" t-shirt to tell her daughter (who seems to be just learning to read) that her family is expanding.


The look on her face is just absolutely priceless. Can you imagine her expression when she sees the actual baby for the first time? Commenters were enchanted with her genuine reaction, especially the time it took for her to process the news. Way to sneak some reading practice in there, mom! Commenters also want to know what happened when and if this little girl told Uncle Marcus about the baby, which she seemed super excited to do. The way she clasps her hands together is just so precious. And then, of course, it was back to check out that pretty purple big sister t-shirt. (It's gonna be a bit of a wait before the baby shows up, after all.)