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Girl Mom Swears She Gets This Reaction Every Time She Tells Someone She Has a Daughter

It gets old.

Whether you've got a son or a daughter (or both), you get your fair share of comments from strangers about your child's gender. Not that it's anybody's business, of course, but that doesn't stop people from saying things about how sons will eat you out of house and home and daughters will break your heart dating jerks and all other kinds of inappropriate things.

In this video from @freakynuggets, the mom talks about the irritating reaction she gets from people whenever they see that she has a daughter...who's only 1, btw. It might seem over the top, but she says it happens all the time.


Sheesh! Why do people have to be so negative? It's so unfair to pin these expectations on a literal baby just because you have some stereotypical ideas about mother/daughter relationships. Of course, there's more to it than that; sometimes when people make a comment they're really just reaching out for confirmation that they're not the only ones having a bummer time. But that's not really fair. 

Commenters found this mom's experience totally relatable...
"Bro i just had a daughter after two boys and the “boys are so much easier” comment never end. Maybe you just didn’t parent your sons well?"
"'just wait until she's a teenager' ok she is... and she's still cool"
"they just telling on themselves"
"Have 4 girls, been told "you just wait for when they're teenagers"......"
"when i tell people i have three sisters, their response is always “your poor dad :(“ LIKE WHAT"
"The amount of WOMEN that have told me “I’m glad I have boys” or that they only want to have boys…."
"I have been told COUNTLESS times that I don't know what it feels like to be loved by my kids because I have girls. I love being a girl mom, people"

Sounds like people have some serious preconceived notions about what it means to raise daughters and sons.