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Mom Hilariously Shows Off What Happens When Dad Introduces Their Toddler to Spider-Man

Hey, Spidey is for everyone.

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The idea of pink being for girls and blue being for boys went out of style a long time ago, and so did the idea that superheroes aren't for girly girls, too. Just in case you need proof, there's one family on TikTok sharing their daughter's love for a certain web slinging Marvel character, and we can't get enough! 

In a video she posted the app, one mom shared that her daughter was a total "girly girl," as evidenced by her birthday gifts, which included a giant pink and purple castle and matching balloons. Then, she also shared what happened when Dad brought Spider-Man into the picture. OMG, you have to see the transformation.


Here she is, perched atop that castle in a full Spider-Man suit — this is perfection! Even better is the fact that his daughter seems to wear her costume everywhere, and they even got matching face paint at the fair to rep their favorite hero. This is so adorable! 

"Please don’t take this as I’m bothered by her dressed as Spider-Man! She wanted a princess party and last minute asked for Spider-Man," Mom shared in the comments as a disclaimer.

Many people cheered her on with supportive comments about their own daughters who love both princesses and superheroes, because she's definitely not the only one. 

"Ours thinks she's Batman. Even does the voice," a fellow parent chimed in.

Girls and boys can like anything they want, stereotypes be damned. This little girl has the right idea!