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Family’s Annual Glow Stick ‘Parade’ At Camping Ground Is a Great Tradition to Steal

Families that play together stay together.

By the end of the summer, we start running out of unique ideas for things to do with our kids fast. But if anyone else out there is looking for a fun family tradition to start, look no further — this family on TikTok is winning in that department, and it's something that's easy (and inexpensive) enough for us to pull off ourselves! 

According to one parent who shared their tradition on the app, one year, they bought glow sticks for a camping trip, and inadvertently started something that they do every single year since... and it's a particularly kid friendly activity, too.


As we can see in the video, the family decks themselves out in enough glow sticks so that they each look like a walking, glowing stick figure. This is so cool! 

"We walk through the campground and nearby campers always get so excited! They often come out of their trailers and tents to watch the parade!" they wrote. "The kids LOVE dancing and doing tricks for onlookers! I'm 33, and even I think it's a blast!" 

They added that during the parade, it's so dark that people don't know who the parade marchers are, adding to the mystery around it all.

Even if you're not camping, you can still do this in your own neighborhood — or even in your own backyard after dark. This is so cool!