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Little Girl Rocking Out in Her Car Seat Is Too Precious

She’s well on her way to being a punk rocker.

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As a parent, most of us know all too well the endless loop of Cocomelon songs and Disney soundtracks that can easily become the only music we play in the car. But it doesn't have to be that way — we can introduce our kids to the music we like, and sometimes, they'll even like it, too. 

For one example of a parent who's really raising their kid right, you have to see this TikTok video. They've already got a tiny punk rocker in their backseat, as we can see when she totally comes alive when she hears Good Charlotte's "The Anthem" playing in the car. 


"POV: You promised yourself that your kids would know all the classics," Mom wrote in the video. 

As it turns out, her mission seems to be going pretty well, because this little girl is rocking out as much as one can while riding in a car seat. It looks like she actually likes this music — this little lady has taste! 

Other parents shared their messages of approval in the comments.

"Now this is what great parenting looks like. Give those kids some music education. A+ parents here!" one person wrote.

Another added, "If this isn’t my daughter in a few years I want a refund." 

Way to go, Mom. This is the way. What's next — maybe a little Blink 182?