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Woman Shows Exactly What a MIL Should Do When Daughter-in-Law Is in Labor

Why can’t all MILs be like her?

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The world of childbirth has changed a lot. Once upon a time, even fathers weren't allowed in the delivery was doctors and nurses and that was that. Now, people have everybody from their partner to a film crew there for the big moment.

That's all well and good, but it can create some sticky situations if certain people have expectations about whether or not they should be present for the birth. Just because a person can be there doesn't mean the mom wants them there, and it's what she wants that matters. Mothers-in-law in particular need to be aware that they're not entitled to be there for the birth of their grandchild, @shaunaturk explains in this video. 

"Giving birth should be a special time and be whatever the mother to be is comfortable with," she wrote. "You support how she needs you most whatever that looks like." Oftentimes, that support will look a lot like it did for this grandma -- taking care of existing children/pets so the parents don't have to worry about it. Other times it might look like cleaning the house to get it ready for the baby's homecoming or cooking a week's worth of meals. Everybody's needs are different. 

Commenters couldn't have agreed more with what this grandma had to say, with some people emphasizing that the maternal grandmother isn't entitled to be there either. At the end of the day, if you don't have an invite from the woman in labor, forget it! She deserves to have exactly who she wants in the room and nobody else. 

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