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Mom Shares How She Let Her “Eccentric” Teen Dress for ID Day and People Have Mixed Feelings

Her message is pretty simple: love and accept your kids for who they are.

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It's safe to say that by the time your kid is a teenager, they'll have their own ideas about fashion. Those ideas may or may not line up with your own feelings about clothes and makeup, but it's important to step back and let kids express themselves. That can be tough, especially if their taste is...extreme, but it's a parent's job to support. This video from @thewholesomerebel is the perfect illlustration of a parent stepping up to the plate and being there for their kid, no matter what.


The goth look will never go out of style! Still, there are some parents who would have refused to let their kid go to school with Halloween makeup on the day they're taking pictures for IDs. There are some parents who would insist on their kid looking "normal" and fitting in. Not this mom, who is completely behind her kid, 100%. Chances are are the school might not be as down with this teen's look as the mom, especially on picture ID day (they might take issue with their face being obscured by the makeup or something). But whatever happens, the teen won't have to face the fallout alone, that's for sure. And that's all that really matters.