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Mom Discovers 9-Year-Old Son Got Himself Together By Himself and Reacts Exactly the Way We Would

Congrats to you mama!

From the day your child is born, you do everything for them. Tasks like helping them get ready for the day are just part of your daily life. You spend so many years putting socks on little feet and packing backpacks that at a certain point it seems like you'll be putting socks on feet and packing backpacks for the rest of your life. That's what makes this video from @jenngstyle so amazing. As the half-asleep mom discovers, not only has her 9-year-old son gotten himself up at the crack of dawn, he's gotten himself completely ready for school. What?!


So this little boy woke up all by himself, showered, got himself dressed, made himself breakfast, and now he's rewarding himself with a little virtual reality. More power to him! The mom, understandably, seems like she's in shock. Or she would be, if she were fully awake. Let this video serve as both proof and hope: Kids do really learn how to get themselves ready in the morning, and the day really will come when you won't have to drag them out of bed and push them under the shower. Just think, maybe you'll get to drink a warm cup of coffee!

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