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Mom Videos Grandpa Shopping With Toddler To See How Many Toys She’d Grab Before He Said ’No’

Spoiler: The limit doesn’t exist.

Grandparents who show up are just the best. They get to finally relive all the fun parts of being a parent without the hassle of discipline and enforcing rules. In fact, a lot of first-time parents are often blown away with what their kids get away with when it comes to their parents. They watch the firm and strict guardians they once knew melt into a push-over pile of mush with their grandchildren. And while it is a beautiful thing to watch, it can get out of hand easily.

Take for instance this mom how filmed her dad and daughter shopping in the store.


Little by little, she watched her daughter fill up her dad’s cart with toys. After realizing he was letting her go hog-wild, mom decided to snap a quick video of them to see when he’d finally tell her no. 

The funny part? That “no” never came. So she, her dad and her daughter walked around the store as the cart slowly got bigger and bigger. By the time they were. checking out, the little girl had quite the haul. 

People were pretty familiar with this level of spoiling when it comes to grandparents and their grandbabies.

“Well that is what Granddad’s job is,” asserted one follower. 

“I’m a grandpa. I completely understand,” agreed another user.

The mom joked in her caption that the only reason they stopped was because they ran out of aisles. But hey, as everyone pretty much said: that’s what grandparents are for!