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Grandpop’s Reaction to Meeting Granddaughter For the First Time Has the Internet Sobbing

He's so smitten.

Out of all of the exciting things there are about having a new baby, it's hard to top introducing them to your family members. Imagining handing your baby to their grandparents for the first time is something many of us imagine our entire pregnancies... and trust us, the grandparents are right there imagining that moment too! 

So that's why videos of grandparents meeting their grandbabies for the first time really gets us... and as one new mom shared on TikTok, it can be a bit of a tearjerker moment for everyone involved! You have to see the joy on these grandparents' faces as they see their granddaughter in person for the first time.


In the video, Grandma and Grandpa come into the room to greet the new mom and the new baby, and the excitement is so real. Grandma is so happy, but Grandpa is who we're really looking at. The fact that he broke down in tears? So sweet!

And then, seeing the way he looked at his granddaughter while holding us... ugh, our hearts. Sure, he might have strolled into that room like it was NBD, but it was clearly all a front, as some of the people who watched this video pointed out. 

"Dad knew he was gonna lose it before he even hit the door. He was preparing for the wave," one commenter wrote.

This is a moment that this family will be glad they've captured on video forever. One day, this little girl is going to watch the footage and know how loved she was from the very start.