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Granddaughter Takes Her Grandpa to His Doctor's Appointment, Sharing Their Adorable Bond

Everyone should have a grandpa like this.

The relationship between grandparents and their grandkids can be a sweet one when they're little, but sometimes, it only gets better as those grandkids grow up. After all, under the best of circumstances, we all reach an age where we need a little extra help, and having a close bond with grandkids can mean having someone who is more than willing to jump in.

For example: This grand-daughter, who was all too happy to help her grandpa get to his doctor's appointment when no one was available to take him. In her TikTok video, she shared the whole story, from the adorable text he sent her asking for a ride to the videos she took of them in the doctor's waiting room.


Grandpa is 92 years old and needed a little help getting to his appointment, and even asked his grand-daughter to take notes for him while he saw the doctor, which she was happy to do. Seeing him walk to the car when she arrived to pick him up? Too adorable! 

So many of the more than 582k people who liked the video were so touched by it. "All my grandparents have passed on and this video makes me miss them so much!!! Enjoy every minute with him," one person commented. 

Another user wrote, "I would do anything to be able to do these things for my grandma still. Please cherish these moments forever. This is too sweet." 

This grandpa and grand-daughter are so lucky to have each other. This will be such a sweet memory for her to have forever!