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Grandma In the Final Stages Of Alzheimer’s Says Truly Profound Sentiment

When it comes down to it, that’s all that matters

Caring for an elderly relative with Alzheimer's can be incredibly challenging. There are heartbreaking moments and millions of frustrations and backslides...but there are also beautiful things that can happen when this very difficult disease is present. 

This extremely touching video from @lifewithgrams of a woman and her grandma shows one of those times when an Alzheimer's patient has a little breakthrough and says something that goes straight to your heart. It's moments like this one that make senior caretaking so rewarding, even though it's so very hard.

She's happy to be with her. it's as simple as that. Just a sentiment that's so pure and true, it's the only thing that matters. There's no question that this granddaughter goes through so many difficult emotions taking care of her grandma, which in her profile it says she's been doing for 5 years. Knowing that someday, no matter what, her amazing grandmother will pass away, has got to be a constant source of heartache. But she keeps on going because she loves her grandmother so much.

Commenters were just in love with this pair:
"awwww,that brought tears to my eyes. My grams dies at 88 years old of Alzheimer's. Cherish the moment"
"That’s is so sweet. I cried when she said that she’s happy to be with you. Y’all are so amazing"
"oh, what a moment. thank you for showing all of us how to be loving care givers."
"Omg this is the sweetest moment!!! I’m so glad you caught it on camera to cherish forever"
"I wish I could do this for my mom. You are blessed beyond measure. You have a wonderful soul."

What an inspiring pair. Hoping to see lots more from these two!