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This Wholesome Friendship Between a Grandma and Her Granddaughter’s Girlfriend Is Too Precious

This will warm your heart

It's always nervewracking to introduce your significant other to your family. That seems especially true when it comes to grandparents, who might not have "modern" ideas about dating, like living together before marriage or same-sex relationships. That's why @_leovenus "never would've thought" her grandmother and her girlfriend would be the best of friends, as she explains in her caption. But it's very clear from the video of her grandma and girlfriend splashing together in a pool that she had absolutely nothing to worry about. 


How totally sweet is that? What a completely joyful friendship these two seem to have. They're like little kids! (And whoa, grandma! That was some flip!) This poster must have had so much anxiety about introducing her girlfriend to her grandmother, not knowing if she would be accepted by her family. And then, to see them spending time together and truly enjoying each other's company...not in her wildest dreams did she expect a friendship like this. It just goes to show that when there's real love involved, everybody can get along and make it work. Especially when you have a magical grandma like that one. 

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