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Grandma Won't Go Away Now That The New Baby Is Here

Um, we're all good thanks

It's been said that when one becomes a grandparent, your love for that child is the strongest love you've ever felt, stronger even than for your own children. Maybe that's why it's so hard to keep grandparents away from a new baby? Whether they're dropping by with a casserole or a legit offer of help or just blatantly want to hold your baby all day, they're definitely hanging around an awful lot.

That's what's happening in this video from @dereklipp_. A family is just trying to chill at home with their new baby when...Grandma's back! Bearing balloons, a gift, and a super perky attitude. 


What great news! Off all week from work so she can spend more time at their house! Is this truly necessary, wonders her son? And it's a question many a new parents has asked themselves before: Is the help of a grandparent worth dealing with that grandparent? This equation is honestly impossible to solve, you just sort of have to make a decision and go with it. 

Most commenters thought grandma actually seemed pretty great, and that this family is lucky...
"Her energy is beautiful. A lot of grandmothers don’t give one molecule of a F about their grandchildren. SOAK THIS UP"
"I know this is obviously humorous, but I think it’s amazing your family is loved this much by your mom"
"You’re lucky! Many kids grow up w/o grandparents in their lives."
"how come they only do this when they're babies tho? once they're demon toddlers they're no where to be found"
"how she walked straight past her first grandchild to get to the baby"

That was a pretty funny detail...doesn't grandchild #1 get a hug and a hello? Will she always go straight to the baby now? Although honestly, the older grandchild didn't seem to mind too much. (Probably figured out that gift bag is for the baby!)