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Grandmom Has Sweetest Reaction to Seeing Granddaughter In a Dress She Made Based Off Her Original Pattern

The granddaughter even picked grandma’s favorite color.

The relationship between grandparents and their grandkids is already such a sweet one — what could be better than watching your own children become parents? But it's even more special when those grandkids end up sharing a hobby with their grandparents... and in the case of this family, it's sewing.

One woman on TikTok has been making dresses using patterns that her grandmother designed herself, and this time, she re-created one of her dresses as a surprise,  picking out yellow fabric because it's her favorite color. The dress came out adorable, of course, but nothing is as good as seeing what happened when her grandma got to see it for the first time.


Her grandma had no idea that she'd sewn the dress, so at first, it doesn't seem like she realizes exactly what it is when her granddaughter comes down the stairs. At first, she's just showering her with compliments about how beautiful she looks, but then, the realization hit her. 

"Oh my heavens, Julia! That's incredible," she says in the video. 

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The granddaughter also explained why the fact that she sewed the dress out of an old bed sheet was extra meaningful for her. 

"Grandma is very into sustainability (it's the Great Depression mindset) so she is always happy when people find ways to repurpose things," she wrote. 

It's a gorgeous dress, and such a special moment. 

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