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Mom-to-Be Who Swore She’d Be Childless Catches Mom’s Reaction to Learning She’ll Be a Grandmom

Never say never.

While many parents out there look forward to the day that they finally get promoted to grandparent, the truth is, it’s not always a dream that comes true. After all, some kids will grow up to be adults who choose to be childfree, while others will run into roadblocks that prevent them from having children. But sometimes, an unexpected pregnancy is actually what some families view as a miracle.

We’ve seen a lot of surprise pregnancy announcements on TikTok, but this one might be our new favorite. This mom totally never expected to have any grandkids — according to the woman who shared the video, she’d said for years that she was never planning on having any kids. So when she did get pregnant, her mom was in for a treat she never saw coming.


We can see Mom unwrapping a gift, chatting casually with everyone else in the room, totally unaware that her life is about to change forever. And then, when she realizes that her gift is actually a pregnancy announcement from her daughter (who quickly shows her the ultrasound photos)? Well, here come the waterworks!

It’s clear that this mom never thought she’d see the day where she got to become a grandma — and how much the idea of having grandkids really means to her.

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We know this baby-to-be is going to be so loved just by seeing how excited their family is to know that they exist. 

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