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Grandma Falls Asleep While Reading to Toddler Grandson and His Reaction Is Golden

The look on his face is priceless.

Kids have an ever-flowing stream of energy. For many of them, they have to be physically pushed to their limits to stop and go to sleep. They genuinely do not understand why or how adults are so tired all the time, and you can’t exactly blame them. The world is still a magical, boundless place for them, so they aren’t exactly eager to shut their eyes.

It’s probably why this toddler was a little more than confused when his mom captured his grandmom falling asleep mid-story. In fact, his reaction is down-right hysterical. 


As his grandmom peacefully snoozes, the mom zooms in on her sons face to reveal a look of pure confusion. If we could hear his inner monologue we bet it would sound something like “WTF is going on?!”

People had a blast in the comments imagining their own versions of what that inner monologue sounds like.

“He was not confused he was OFFENDED,” asserted one follower.

“His little stare into the distance trying to figure this out,” joked another, adding a tear-eyed emoji to show how honestly precious the moment was. 

Listen kid, when you get to grandmom’s age, you’ll understand why she needed to just “rest her eyes” for a minute. Keeping up with you probably tuckered her out!