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Grandpa Recounts How His Grandson Is Helping With His Depression

This is such a sweet story.

It's easy to understand why being grandparents is a phase that so many parents of adult children look forward to. Who doesn't want to snuggle a newborn baby they don't have to wake up with at night, or spoil a child without any of the consequences? It sounds like a dream come true for more reasons than one! 

The relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren is such a special one for many reasons, and these kids can have an impact on their elders that they never expected. A grandpa on TikTok explained how his grandson helped with his depression, and it's a really heartwarming story to hear.


His grandson was over for a movie night, and they were watching classics like Bedknobs & Broomsticks and even Home Alone 2. But something pretty special happened even though it was just an ordinary night for this grandpa. 

After admitting that he has a hard time "feeling loved" and that his mind can get a bit "wonky" at times, Grandpa shared that their movie night is when something changed. He took his dog to go outside, and his grandson said something it seems like he'll never forget.

"He said, 'I just want to spend time with you, and I love you,'" Grandpa shared. "I ran inside and almost cried." 

He admitted that just that small moment will "keep me going for awhile," which is such a great reminder about how important it is to make sure the people around us know how much we love them.

Here's hoping there are many more nights filled with love and happiness for this grandpa. He's lucky to have such a sweet grandson!