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Grandpa’s Reaction To Learning New Great-Grandson Is Named After Him Will Make You Weep

Who is cutting onions in here?

When trying to come up with the perfect baby name, many parents turn to their families for inspiration. It's not uncommon to name a baby after a beloved relative, particularly a grandparent or great-grandparent. Often, that means paying tribute to a loved one after they're gone, but once in awhile, parents name their babies after a relative who's still living and gets to meet their namesake.

Of course, it's a huge honor to have a baby named after you — one that this grandfather on TikTok certainly isn't taking for granted. One mom on the app filmed the moment he found out that his new great-grandson was named after him, and his reaction will totally tug at your heartstrings.


In the video, the new great-grandpa is visiting his granddaughter and her new baby in the hospital when he finds out that his name is Beckett Michael, after him. He immediately breaks down into tears — and that's before he's even had the chance to hold the baby for the first time! 

It's easy to tell just from watching this that there's so much love in this family.

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Aside from the comments about how well Great-Grandpa has aged, many people who were touched by the video shared their thoughts. "This is the most precious thing. Hold this so close to you forever," one person wrote.

Great-Grandpa Michael seems to be so honored by the gesture. Hopefully, he and his namesake will be able to have a long, happy relationship.

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