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Grandpa and Toddler Push Walkers Side-by-Side and It's So Moving

These two are too cute.

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It's the circle of life: we end up pretty close to where we started. As incredibly poignant proof, there's this video from @amoose87. Showing a baby and his great-grandfather walk down a hallway, each using a walker, it seems incredibly meaningful. "Baby and great-grandfather using their walkers. 96 1/2 years apart- the beginning and end of life," wrote the poster. 


The cutest bit is when the baby looks up at his great-grandpa: "Hey, you've got one of these too?" The picture is almost heartbreaking when you think about it: We really do make a circular journey in this life.
"He's lucky to have great pops alive and well," pointed out one commenter.
"If this doesn’t put life into perspective…" wrote another.
It's so true; so many people never get to meet their grandparents, let alone their great-grandparents. This baby might not remember this monumental hallway walk, but someday he'll grow up and see pictures and videos and know this he had a great-grandpa who cared about him very much.
"omg just a still photo of the two of them looking at each other is gonna make him cry in 20 years," is how one commenter put it.
"It’s crazy to actually visualize that at one point, grandpa was just a little baby boy too," said another commenter. 
What a great point! They didn't have bright plastic walkers with rounded edges back when great-grandpa was a baby, but they probably had some type of walker device. So mind-bending to think about how we all started out the same way! No doubt great-grandpa treasured that moment with his little grandson, too, just the way his family will treasure the memory for years to come.