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Grandkids Help Grandpa Pull Off a Secret ‘Proposal’ To Their Grandmom

If he wanted to, he would...

There are few things sweeter than witnessing the love between grandparents. Knowing that their commitment to each other to grow old together has truly passed the test of time is really special... and every once in awhile, we even get the chance to witness a really adorable moment like this. 

As one grandson shared on TikTok, his grandpa really went the extra mile to make his wife feel special. He planned to surprise her by proposing to her all over again, and even enlisted the help of his grandkids to make it all happen. This is so sweet! 


After the grandkids conspired to steal their grandmother's engagement ring from her so he could resize it and propose to her with it again, they shared the footage of the proposal, and OMG — if you're crying, let's just say you're definitely not the only one! There's no way grandmom was expecting that!

Not only are some of the thousands of commenters totally touched by this gesture, but they're also taking it 

"I'm sobbing. Also partly because this man proposed TWICE and I can’t get mine to propose ONCE," one person wrote. 

Another added, "all I want in the world is someone I love this much." 

That pretty much sums it up, doesn't it? 

Never settle for anyone offering less love than this grandpa, who was willing to propose twice just to show his wife how much he loves her. This is real relationship goals right here!