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Mother of 9 Children Has Advice for Parents Who Just Got Promoted to Grandparents

Say it louder for the folks in the back!

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Being a grandparent is so different from being a parent... and it presents new challenges, too. After raising babies who successfully turned into adults, they probably feel secure in their abilities to care for a child. So when those adult children they raised start to question or challenge those abilities when they let the grandparents babysit, it's easy to understand why some would become defensive and even hurt.

But as parents who have been there before, grandparents should understand how scary it is for their children to leave their babies in someone else's care — no matter who that person happens to be. And as much as Grandma and Grandpa might want to laugh at the parents for being overprotected, one mom on TikTok is pointing out why that's exactly the wrong thing to do. 

This video was in response to another video, where an anxious mom shared the binder of laminated instructions she created for her child's grandparents so they'd be extra prepared to watch her kids. A mom of nine felt compelled to respond and encourage any grandparents who receive instructions like this not to laugh — at least,  not for a long time.

"This is the time to sit down and listen to every one of their concerns. This is the time to give them peace of mind by truly being attentive to the things that they worry about," she said. "So that, as they drive away from that house, leaving their most precious asset of their children in your care, you make that process a little bit easier for them." 

She's right in saying that eventually, it is safe to laugh with them about the binder... but only after you've established yourself as a safe caretaker who will make them feel heard.

It be so scary to leave your children in anyone else's care, even when it's your own parents who you trust. Why shouldn't grandparents try to take away a bit of that stress?