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Mom Intimates Parents Who Play Grinch Prank on Kids Are Really Just Acting Like Their First Bullies

And a lot of folks agree.

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Over the past couple of weeks this holiday season, you've probably seen at least a few videos of parents or other grown-ups dressing up like the Grinch to bust into children's homes and stage a fake shakedown. Usually these end with the parent or uncle or somebody chasing off the Grinch and nothing actually getting stolen, but you can imagine how this would be a somewhat traumatizing experience, particularly for very small children. 

Now there are moms and dads, like @gabzilla_rawr, who are coming forward to say that this is not the way to parent. "I'm his mom, not his first bully," this mom wrote under a video of her son watching the Grinch, not at all traumatized. "My son isn't scared of the Grinch because I'm not a [poop emoji] parent," she wrote. 

Totally understood. Why traumatize kids when you don't have to, just for a few holiday laughs? And is it even funny to anybody, really? Besides the few mean-spirited types who see it online and don't even know the kid?

Commenters were fully in agreement with this mom...
"YES!!!! Thank you for hating all those 'funny and cute' grinch videos as well. They make my blood boil"
"I know those videos are so mean! The kids crying and hiding under the table..."
"How did everyone just decide to start buying those costumes and making it a trend?"
"It's always the tiny kids too. Those parents will be in a home when they're older."
"I think as parents we make enough mistakes without intentionally terrorizing our kids! You are 100% right!"

Plenty of parents went on to say that their kids were already scared of the Grinch and they hadn't even presented him as scary, so these poor kids in the videos must have been really terrorized. Hopefully this is a trend that dies out soon, or all of these kids are going to be needing a support group someday.

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