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Mom Out to Lunch With Teenage Daughter Breaks Down and It’s Super Relatable

That crack in her voice is one every mama knows all too well.

It's hard to fully appreciate exactly how emotional being a parent is until it's something you've experienced yourself. Even though you might expect to tear up when you're proud of your children or when they move out of your house, there are so many little moments that will make even the most stoic person cry when their kids are involved. You can't predict what will get you in the feels until it does! 

And after seeing her break down in a video, this mom on TikTok is making us want to give her a big hug. She was just out to lunch with her teenage daughter, and when how quickly she's growing up hit her, that was it — she was a goner.


Mom's sharing footage from their lunch out when she says, "Look at you wearing makeup, drinking a latte, eating a chicken salad sandwich. 13 years ago this month, you would have been one month old, bald headed, just wearing a onesie, sucking on a boobie." 

She was trying to make it a funny moment, but we heard that crack in her voice, and it was all too familiar to us... probably because our voices crack the same way when we think about our kids growing up a little too hard! 

So many people could relate, according to the comments. One person wrote, "I'm in my room sobbing right now because I’m starting to think about my daughter as a baby." 

"She rolls her eyes now. But she'll feel this way about someone someday," another commenter added. 

Oh, mama. We know this feeling too well. We wish our kids didn't grow up so fast, but it's just proof that we're doing our job.