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Mom Gives Daughter a Big Hair Chop and Her Reaction Is Too Precious

She’s feeling fabulous.

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We all know that a good haircut can totally change the way we feel about our appearance (and our lives in general, really) and not even kids are immune to that feeling. Seeing our kids' faces light up when they get a haircut that turned out exactly the way they hoped is really special. We love seeing that self confidence shining through! 

And as one mom on TikTok shared with the world, her daughter was feeling that exact way after she was the one getting a major haircut. After starting out with hair down past her shoulders, this 4 year old asked her mom to give her a French bob, which was obviously a huge change from what she was used to.

But her mom agreed, and you have to see her face when the haircut was finished. OMG! 


When her mom wrote that her daughter "loved every step of the process," she wasn't kidding. This little girl is all smiles through the entire video, seeing her hair get shorter and shorter. That little thumbs up she gave the camera was seriously too cute.

And then, when it was time for the final reveal after her haircut was finished and her hair was dry... we know this is an image her mom is going to keep in her head forever. 

She was so excited, and she looks fab. How awesome that she and her mom got to share this experience together!