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Mom Learns That Her Hair Tells Her Postpartum Story

You can literally see the trauma and recovery.

It's truly amazing how the whole pregnancy and childbirth experience affects the wellbeing of our entire body. Even things you think wouldn't be affected at all. Everything is connected, in ways you would never even expect. 

As @gabbygabbygabbs discovered in this video, even something as seemingly separate from postpartum health as hair color is connected to your body's state after having a baby. At her first postpartum hair appointment, her hair colorist noticed a dark band of hair growth and asked her if she'd been through anything traumatic about 6 weeks ago. As it turns out, that's when her postpartum depression began.


How amazing is that...when she started getting help, her regular color started growing back in again. What?! Who would have ever guessed that hair color and mental health would be related? There's so much about the human body that we still don't understand. 

What's really cool about this story is that by getting her color corrected, this mom was able to feel like herself again, like the "sunshine" had returned to her life. It was a "crucial" part of her recovery. And now she'll always know how important it is to keep herself in a good place mentally.

Some commenters had been through similar experiences, and everybody was super understanding...
"My hairstylist pointed out a huge band of dark in my hair as well. I had a traumatic pregnancy losing a twin and it showed for months in my hair."
"People have no idea how trauma actually looks for us as stylists in your hair. We already know most of the time but hair definitely reflects it"
"This is so important. My mom is a beautician and she can tell when my anxiety is bad by the way my scalp looks"
"Girl are you saying that’s why my hair has been going back to blonde after being brown for a few years???"
"I had a dark band in my hair after both of my deliveries. Truly amazing what our bodies can do!"

So fascinating. Apparently your hairdresser is an important member of your postpartum care team, too.