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Grandma Makes Hand-Painted Cards for Granddaughter Even Though She Just Turned 23

She’ll treasure these forever.

It's so meaningful when someone starts a tradition with your child and keeps it going throughout their whole lives, whether it's a special holiday ritual or the same birthday outing every year or whatever it is, these are things that children treasure throughout their lives...even into adulthood. 

In this video from @just.sadi, a girl who's just turned 23 just received a new hand-painted birthday card from her grandmother. So adorable! But that's not even the best part...the best part is that her grandmother has been making these hand-painted birthday cards for her every year of her life! And she's thankfully saved them all...


So beautiful! It's amazing how every card is based on important events from that, as a series, they read as the story of her growing up. What an amazing idea, Grandma! These are the kinds of things that grandparents do that are just so special. And who knows? Maybe someday this 23-year-old wil carry on the tradition with her own children or grandchildren. 

Commenters just loved everything about this story...
"What a treasure!"
"These are amazing!"
"Beyond precious. What a priceless gift."
"This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my whole entire life"
"Omg those cards are amazing! She’s so artistic! I enjoyed looking at all of them. She loves you so much!"
"This is so wholesome! I swear Grandmas are the best people in our life. Anything we do makes them proud and they are never disappointed in us."
"She is so talented but this is so incredibly thoughtful, creative and loving. The best!!"

What a wonderful gift this woman has in these cards...a record of her entire childhood. It just goes to show that kids really do appreciate the things we do to make birthdays special for them, year after year.