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Security Camera Catches Big Brother Waking Baby Brother Up By Singing Happy Birthday to Him

This is a moment mom will never forget

What would we do without cameras? They catch the most amazing moments. Especially when it comes to kids. What's best of all is when a camera catches something we weren't expecting it to, like when a home security moment ends up preserving a hilarious or heartwarming scene. (Sometimes it seems like that's what those cameras are really for!)

Like in this video from @ortega.49. The mom said she "almost cried" when she came across this video of her older son waking up his baby brother on his birthday with a happy birthday song. He's so excited to be the first one to greet his bro on his special day!


Just adorable. What a fun way to wake up on your birthday! And how great that they now have the video footage to remember that sweet brother bonding moment forever. Chances are that big brother did everything he could to make the whole day special. And birthdays in the future are bound to be even better, every one starting out with a special wake-up call. 

Commenters found him to be the sweetest guy ever.
"Your so sweet Papasito. Don’t ever change. God bless you"
"His mom and Dad must be great parents, to raise such a loving spirit."
"awwwww, he so sweet and adorable. bless his heart."
"I can only imagine his little smile! so sweet! such a good brother."
"What a great brother. I hope their relationship stays the same always."
"Cherish the moment and memories of togetherness much love and happiness and blessings to you all happy Birthday to you and many more years"

This little boy probably had a great birthday, and all his birthdays to come with be great, too, as long as big brother is around.