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Twins Have the Funniest (and Saddest) Reactions to Restaurant Singing “Happy Birthday”

They weren’t here for it.

Some kids simply live for being the center of attention, and that means that birthdays are some of their favorite days. Everyone bringing them gifts and celebrating them sounds totally ideal — whether they're in public or at home with their family. But for children who are a bit more shy and reserved, a big birthday is just not the move.

Unfortunately, we sometimes don't figure out which category our kids fall into until it's too late, as this mom on TikTok learned. Staff at a restaurant sang "Happy Birthday" to her twins, and let's just say they did not appreciate it the way a lot of other kids would have — are we bad people for laughing at this?


At first, the little girls are so excited (not to mention adorable in their matching pink dresses) when they see a piece of cake topped with a candle headed toward their table just for them. But then, the singing began, and they were absolutely not into it. Cue the tears! 

Their faces immediately changed as they both started screaming "no!" According to Mom, this reaction was not expected at all, but boy did they both make it clear that they did not want to be sung to! 

To be totally fair, being serenaded like that is a lot of pressure, and it's not for everyone. Just let these little ones enjoy their cake in peace! 

They might change their minds about the song in the future, but for now, we're glad Mom listened and shut that down right away. Everyone enjoys birthdays differently... and some don't want any songs involved.