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Man Has the Sweetest Reaction to Learning He’s Going To Be a Dad

He couldn’t believe it!

Finding out that you're going to be a parent is a life changing moment. So many of us will never forget where we were when we heard the news — whether it was a doctor's office, at home in the bathroom, or with a phone call. So it makes sense that many moms out there are going the extra mile to deliver the news to their partners, making that moment extra memorable.

One mom on TikTok put together a gift to let her partner know that he's going to become a dad and shared the footage on the app. And after seeing this dad-to-be's sweet reaction to the news, we know that his kiddo is going to be so loved.


He thought he was just receiving a regular gift, even though the items in the bag all had to do with becoming a dad (including that coffee mug, which he skipped right over). In fact, the news didn't even really hit him until he took two aprons out of the bag — one that would fit him and one that would fit a child.

But then, he took the last item out: A pregnancy test. This was when all the gifts started making more sense. First, there were excited expletives, and then came the hugs... and the tears. Good luck not crying at the end of this video! 

In the comments, so many people shared their congratulations.

"I just know this child is going to grow up surrounded by all the love in the world. Congrats to you both," one person wrote.

This dude was made to be a dad. He's going to make a great one!