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Toddler’s Adorable ‘Happy’ Mantra Will Brighten Your Day

The joy radiating off him is so sweet.

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Anyone who's spent about five minutes with toddlers know that they come with some big emotions. Sometimes, that means tantrums, sure. But the flip side of that is when they're happy, they're really happy — and when they're confident in who they are, they shine so bright that they could really teach us all a lesson about self-love.

Need a quick self-esteem boost? This little guy on TikTok has his own mantra that keeps him going, and we might just adopt it for ourselves, too. He's sitting at the table eating when he starts listing off his happy thoughts. Why isn't this something that everyone does? 


"I'm so precious, and I'm really happy! And super happy!" the little boy proclaims, spoon in hand. 

Then, he begins to give the rest of his family a boost, too. "Daddy is happy! And are you happy, too?" he asks his mom, who agreed that she is. How could she not be happy, sharing a life with a ball of sunshine like her son? 

It sounds like he managed to brighten the day for a lot more people than just his parents. In the nearly 9,000 comments the video received, people are absolutely gushing over how adorable this is.

"His energy level is amazing. Such a powerful guy!" one person wrote.

We've gotta agree. Hopefully, he'll keep this up for years to come. We all need to start our days like this!