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Daughter-In-Law Slowly Adds Family Pictures to a Frame In MIL’s Hallway Until She Notices

When do you think she’ll catch on?

In-laws: you gotta love 'em, but sometimes they can be a little...weird. What can you do but love their quirks and try to just go along with their bizarre reality? Who knows why they do the things they do, there's no point in trying to figure out the reasons. You've just got to accept them for what they are. 

As an example, we have this video from @they.callme.mama. The woman notes that her mother-in-law has had the same multiple photo frame up on the wall for years, still with the stock photography in it. (Why do grandparent-types do this? Do they think the stock photography is like art??) Anyway, she has an idea for a harmless prank...she's slowly replacing the stock photos with family photos.


How long will it take for her to notice? It's hard to say. If her vision isn't the greatest, it might take a while. And when she does notice, it's possible that she'll just think she did it herself at some point in the past and forgot about it. There are really quite a few different ways it could go. 

The creator asked her audience how long they thought it would take for her to notice, and opinions were mixed. Commenters had quite a lot to say...
"Couple of months - but, someone else will notice and call her attention to it."
"Idk. But it was a very sweet and thoughtful thing to do!"
"too funny. that frame is in my dining room - with the stock photography, too."
"Love that you are good to your mother in law."
"Mine does the same thing!"

It's truly a mystery why parents do this, but it'll be interesting to see what happens if this mother-in-law ever does notice the pics. She'll probably be very grateful!