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Youngest Sibling Really Wants to Fit In New Baby's Car Seat

He just realized he's not the baby anymore.

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It's not easy when your place in the family is about to be usurped by some tiny new addition everybody seems to be very excited about. And sometimes, you can go along for most of mom's pregnancy without having the full extent of what's going to happen really hit you...until the day that it does. 

The little boy in this video from @mzznofilter is just beginning to realize that he's no longer going to be the baby of the family. And he's kind of in denial. So he tries to prove that he can sit in his new baby brother's car seat. Because that must mean he's a baby too, right?

"He has been completely fine these last 36 weeks and all the sudden I take out the carseat and he gets all jealous," wrote the mom. You never know when that sibling rivalry is going to hit. Especially for babies of the family...who aren't going to be the baby for very much longer. 

Commenters were super familiar with this particular issue, with other moms mentioning that their children pulled similar stunts or insisted on being called the "baby" or some similar display. It seems like it's just a really hard position to give up in the family. Other commenters pointed out his use of baby talk. It's just instant regression, all over the place! But it's so totally normal, and he'll learn to love his new place in the family, too.