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Dad Surprises Ex Wife By Showing Up with Gifts for Her Kids as Well as the Daughter They Share

THIS is healthy co-parenting.

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As if breakups and divorces aren't hard enough, they're even harder when you share a child and have to figure out a way to have at least a cordial relationship for the sake of your child, even though you're no longer together. Co-parenting takes a lot of work, and it's definitely not always easy. Even when you and your former partner both want what's best for your kids, leftover emotions always seem to try to get in the way.

But that just means that seeing when parents manage to get it right is so special, like the family featured in this TikTok video. This mom's ex showed up to bring their daughter a gift... but when he showed up, he had gifts for the children she shares with her new partner as well! 

What made it even better is that the extra gifts were a total surprise, and everyone involved was so happy! There was lots of hugging, and everyone got to enjoy opening gifts together. What we really loved to see was the sweet embrace between Dad and his ex's new partner — that's rare, but this is what it's all about.

In the comments, so many people shared their praise for how well these families seem to co-parent together.

"As a young adult who has grown up with divorced parents, I’m so happy that you guys are able to all be happy and in the same room!" one person wrote. "I would give anything for my parents to all be able to be in one room! And to put the kids first. And push their differences aside!" 

These are such lucky kids to have parents who can put them first like this. We know it must have taken some work (at first, at least), but their kids will be benefitting from such a positive relationship for years to come. 

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