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Girls Are Absolutely Losing It Over These Dolls With Natural Hair

THIS is why representation matters.

When it comes to representation and diversity, we still have a long way to go, including when it comes to children's toys. Though we're finally starting to see more dolls who aren't just white, anyone who's ever been down the Barbie aisle at Target knows there still could be more variety, but one brand out there is trying to change that.

The CEO of the brand Healthy Roots, Yelitsa Jean-Charles, shared a clip of little girls playing with one of the dolls from the brand. Healthy Roots is all about showing girls how to care for their natural hair, and as we see in this video from TikTok, it really made an impression on the kiddos who discovered the doll for the first time at Essence Festival. 


In the clip, we get to see girls playing with the doll's hair and practicing taking care of it, and they look so happy to see a doll who looks like they do as they brushed and styled her long locks. This is so precious to see! 

So many adults were touched by this in the comments, with many of them writing that they wished they'd had a similar toy when they were younger. "Ma’am when I tell you I am so happy black girls finally have this. I never had this," one person wrote.

These dolls are awesome, and seeing these little girls play with them is just more proof about how necessary representation — even when it comes to toys — really is.