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Toddler Has the Best Reaction Every to Getting a Doll That Has Her Hair Type

Kids need to see themselves in toys...

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Representation is so super important in toys. It's crucial for kids to see themselves in their playthings so they know they have a place in our society and that they play a role in our world. It can be so damaging for kids of color to be limited to dolls with blonde hair and blue eyes. And if you ever doubted what a huge difference it makes for kids to have representational toys, then just watch this video from @theyelitsa. It shows a little girl getting her first Healthy Roots doll (a gorgeous Black doll with natural hair), and let's just say she's more than a little excited.


Now that's a kid who loves her new toy! No need to worry if she's happy with her present. That's what glee sounds like, in case you ever wondered. Commenters couldn't decide whether to cry or just immediately order a doll (or both). "Representation MATTERS! You are doing amazing things for these kiddos," wrote one commenter. "Black joy is so important, and I'm glad you're bringing more of it into the world," wrote another. It's amazing that one toy can do so much.