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Mom Jokes About Using Heavy Morning Pee Diapers as a Weapon

How do they hold so much liquid?!

Parents who have babies in diapers know how bad the situation can be first thing in the morning. That first diaper of the day is usually the biggest one — it's amazing how much liquid our kids are holding in and don't let out until after bedtime, especially after they sleep through the night and aren't getting those 2 A.M. diaper changes they once demanded.

In fact, some of the diapers are so heavy we're amazed the Diaper Genie is still standing. One mom on TikTok joked about her baby's morning pee diapers, and how they could easily be used as a weapon in case of a break-in. Actually, this is a way to recycle and defend ourselves that we should have thought of first... 


"If an intruder ever chose my house to come to, he better think again," Mom says in the video, tossing around a giant used diaper. "I'm fully loaded with a couple of these bad boys by my bed every night. You hear that thump?" 

The noise the diaper makes when she throws it and it hits something is too funny. She's lucky it didn't explode! 

Fellow moms agreed with her tactics in the comments. One wrote, "The diaper pail bag is my weapon. It’s got 20+ of them in there." That's a really good point... 

If all else fails, parents of kids still in diapers definitely have some heavy projectiles available in the middle of the night. Nobody wants to get hit with one of those!