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Video Shows the Reality of How Dirty High Chairs Get

Those things get pretty gross.

High chairs. Even when they say they're easy to clean, they're not. Not unless you think having to practically take it apart all the time to clean in all the little places where food spills and dries and becomes pretty much permanently glued is easy. Most people think of that more as a giant nuisance. 

The parents in this video from @another_internet_mom have just given up with trying to scrub away the little spots with a toothbrush and whatnot. These guys are going straight for the big in, they're dragging that thing outside and just hosing it down. Honestly, that's the only way to go.


"Ever just really over wiping down a high chair?" the poster wrote, and it's true: Nobody ever does warn you about how often you have to clean that thing. The best you can hope for is to be able to get away with mini wipe-downs most of the week and then a big hose-down once a week or so. There've even been parents who were known to put their high chair in the shower, but outside is really better if you can swing it. 

Lots of commenters recommended IKEA's high chair, which runs about $20; you can apparently take it apart and put the tray in the dishwasher. One commenter even mentioned switching from a $300 high chair to the $20 version because it's so much easier to keep clean. It's definitely true that the fewer crevices and nooks and crannies a high chair has, the easier it is to avoid those dried-up pieces of yuckiness that tend to occur. Other commenters totally gave up on high chairs:
"I couldn’t do it man. 4 months in I threw mine away and got booster seats for the dining table and silicone place mats. Not as many little crevices."
"I had high chairs for a week then got rid of them"

The moral of this story: Buy the easiest-to-clean high chair you can find, or you'll pay the price.