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Mom's Warning About Dangerous Restaurant Highchair Hack Is a Wake-Up Call for Parents

Mamas, maybe skip this trend...

As.a general rule, parents try not to cramp each other's style. What works for one family might not work for another, and in general most of us agree that so long as the kid is happy and safe, there's no harm. But when we do see something potentially harmful for the parents or the baby, we all have a responsibility to speak up, and that is exactly what this one mom was trying to do when she learned one of her favorite restaurant hacks was actually super dangerous. 

TikToker and mama Meg Hawkins of @thehawkinsfamily showed footage of a restaurant employee setting up a highchair in a way that technically holds a car seat.


She noted that this had been done for her several times by staff and she'd never had a problem with it. However, when she heard this was actually dangerous, she turned to the internet to spread awareness as well as confirm. 

"Top heavy with a small base please never do this it’s extremely unsafe," advised one user who is also a restaurant manager. 

"My brother fell face first while fussing in his seat when the high chair was in that position," noted another user. "Scariest moment of my life."

In fact, a few noted that the entire practice is banned from a lot of restaurants because there were so many accidents. 

For any parents feeling guilty that they didn't know this: Don't! That is what moms like Ryan are here for. You know better, you do better. Simple as that.