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Dad ‘Sorts’ 9-Month-Old Into Her Hogwarts’ House With Adorable Challenge

We’re surprised where she landed!

The magical world of Harry Potter has a vice grip on our generation, and rightfully so. The works themselves made reading fun again, and perhaps some of the most important lessons we learned were shaped by that novel. The love we had for that little boy under the stairs is something we are eager to share with our children, and when we do it legitimately feels magical.

One dad waited a whole 9 3/4 months (see what he did there?) for his daughter to learn how to crawl so he could set up this adorable “challenge.”


Laid out at the top of the rug is a onesie representing each of the houses in Hogwarts. He set his little girl up at the other end of the rug and recorded her crawling toward the “houses.” Whichever house she picked up served as the one she’s be “sorted” into.

Much to the dad’s surprise, it looked like Gryffindor was the one, but she turned and gave Slytherin a chance.

“So appropriate as she ‘slythered’ all the way across the room,” joked one user. 

“Charmander and Slytherin,” stated one user. “Might as well get out the red saber, a romulan warbird, the one ring, and the infinity gauntlet.”

Listen, Slytherin is a perfectly wonderful house to be sorted into. After all some of the greatest wizards hailed from that house. She’s already destined to do some cool things.