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Mom Has Important Conversation With 2-Year-Old About Consent Just In Time for the Holidays

No grandmom, she doesn’t have to hug you.

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The generation currently raising kids — mostly millennials at this point — is doing things a lot differently than their parents did. Right now, gentle parenting has become more popular than ever, and at the heart of this method is respecting children as complete people with their own feelings and opinions. Along with that comes teaching them consent at an early age; no one, even a family member, gets to tell them what to do with their bodies. 

During a time like the holiday season will kids will be spending time around their extended family... and those people are probably going to be asking for hugs and kisses. If you want to make sure your kids know it's okay to say no to requests like that, this TikTok video might help you frame your conversation with them. 

One mom shared the talk she had with her two and a half year old ahead of holiday get togethers where she reminded her that she is able to make decisions about who she receives physical affection from —  and that no one is allowed to pressure her to change her mind.

She started off by asking her daughter if she could have a hug, and she instantly jumped up to hug her mom. Then, Mom said, "what if you didn't want to hug? It's okay to not hug. It's okay to say no." 

Then, she let her practice saying no to a hug, and asked her what she says if they try to give her a hug anyway: "Please respect my body." 

In the comments, plenty of people were cheering this mom on for the way she's teaching her daughter something so important.

"I wish somebody had had this conversation with me because I would’ve spoken out about my abuse much quicker than what I did. Thank you for this," one person wrote.

This video is a good reminder to have this conversation with our kids before the holidays. They are in charge of the hugs they give and receive, no one else! 

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